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Thoughtfully designed notebooks for work, school, or every day use.
Fractal Mandelbrot Graph Paper Notebook

Fractal Mandelbrot Graph Paper Notebook

Perfect for architects, designers, math and science students, and general use notes!

Fractal cover

Composition Notebook

Unique and beautiful Mandelbrot fractal design on this college ruled 200 page notebook.

90s notebook

Nineties Notebook

Celebrate the 90's with this totally rad notebook! Perfect for note-taking or journaling--show everyone your love for this superior decade.

School Notes & Doodles

School Notes and Doodles

Doodle your way through boring classes and meetings with this unique doodle book! Find designs in every day objects by filling in, tracing, and adding to the patterns in the margins while taking notes in the space provided.

Meeting Notes & Doodles

Meeting Doodles: A notebook that makes meetings fun

This notebook is the perfect way to stay focused, retain information, and expand your brain. Each page features a unique design to encourage productive doodling, along with plenty of space for meeting notes.